Drop the Hammer
Tom DeLay's Web of Corruption

Campaign update V [4/4/06]: The Hammer drops out: Facing eroding support in his home Congressional district and entrenched in a series of ethics scandals, Tom DeLay announced today that he will resign from Congress in May or June. Tom DeLay may be leaving Congress, but the culture of corruption he helped build remains. Read more about Delay's departure.

Campaign update IV [1/7/06]: The Hammer has been dropped. Permanently! Tom DeLay announced that he will abandon efforts to regain his position as House Majority Leader. Read more here.

Campaign update III [1/3/06]: This afternoon, lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a close friend and ally of Tom Delay, pled guilty to multiple charges of fraud, tax evasion, and conspiring to bribe members of Congress. To see the full extent of Abramoff's corruption, click here.

Campaign update II [9/28/05]: This morning a Texas grand jury indicted House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, charging him in a conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws. Hours later Tom DeLay stepped down from his position as Majority Leader. For more information go to ThinkProgress.org

Campaign update I [5/4/05] -- Your voices are being heard: American Airlines, Verizon and Nissan Pledge to Stop Financing Tom DeLay's Legal Defense Fund

Under pressure from nearly 20,000 citizen activists, American Airlines, Verizon and Nissan North America have formally pledged to stop contributing to Rep. Tom DeLay's legal defense fund. John Podesta, President of the American Progress Action Fund, said, "We congratulate these companies for responding to the public's concern and taking a positive step towards restoring confidence in an ethical government." We have suspended the portion of our campaign targeting these three companies. Click here to read statements from American Airlines, Nissan, and Verizon.

Keep the Pressure on: Tell Corporate America to Drop the Hammer

An ethical government is the foundation of any functioning democracy. All citizens, including corporate citizens, should do everything in their power to make sure our government is clean and accountable. Over the last several years high profile corporations have been donating thousands to Tom DeLay's legal expense trust so that he can avoid responsibility for his unethical conduct. Consumers should contact these companies and tell them their conduct is unacceptable.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is widely regarded as the most powerful member of Congress. DeLay's abuse of this power has encircled him in a web of scandal. He has already been admonished four times by the bipartisan House Ethics Committee and a political action committee he set up in Texas is currently the subject of a grand jury investigation.

A network of large corporate backers have come, cash-in-hand, to DeLay's defense. Companies like Bacardi USA and RJ Reynolds have contributed thousands to Tom DeLay's Legal Defense Fund. Join the 0 people who have already sent a message. Let these corporations know that unless they stop supporting Tom DeLay, you'll stop supporting them.

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More About Tom DeLay's Corporate Backers

Bacardi contributed $3000 to defend Tom DeLay's unethical behavior. Are they drunk? Actually, Bacardi's contribution to Tom DeLay's legal defense may not be surprising - Bacardi has been indicted for illegal contributions it made to DeLay's Texans for a Republican Majority PAC. Read more.

Don't tobacco companies have enough public relations problems as it is? We wonder whose bright idea it was at RJ Reynolds to give $17,000 in corporate cash to defend Tom DeLay. Read more.

Statements from American Airlines, Nissan, and Verizon Pledging to Stop Financing Tom DeLay's Legal Defense Fund

American Airlines American Airlines issued the following statement to the American Progress Action Fund on May 3:
Subject: DeLay campaign
American Airlines does not intend to make any future contributions to Representative DeLay's legal defense fund. The $5000 contribution, made three years ago, was done by an individual who is no longer part of American Airlines. Roger Frizzell, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Advertising American Airlines

Nissan Nissan North America issued this statement to the American Progress Action Fund on May 4: In July 2001, Nissan North America made a $5,000 donation to the Tom DeLay Legal Expense Trust. We have not made any subsequent donation to this trust, we will not make any donations to the trust in the future and we do not plan to seek a refund. Fred Standish, Director, Corporate Communications

Verizon Verizon Communications issued this statement to the American Progress Action Fund on May 4: Subject: "Drop the Hammer" campaign
It is Verizon's corporate policy not to contribute to legal defense funds. This policy has been in effect for several years. The contribution cited by your organization was made almost four years ago, before that policy went into effect. David Fish, Exec. Director, Media Relations?Verizon Communications, Inc.

Legal disclaimer: Please note that the publication of the corporate trademarks/content on the site is not associated with the trademark owners. This campaign is not sponsored by or affiliated with the trademark owners. In fact, we are quite annoyed with the trademark owners and would like them to stop giving money to defend Tom DeLay's unethical behavior.