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May 4, 2005 - American Airlines, Verizon, and Nissan Pledge to Stop Financing Tom DeLay's Legal Defense Fund.

April 6, 2005DROP THE HAMMER: American Progress Action Fund Launches a Campaign to Urge Tom DeLay’s Corporate Backers to Request Their Money Back

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Washington Times - May 11, 2005
"Conservatives Rally Around DeLay"
The American Progress Action Fund, an arm of the Center for American Progress, said it won promises from three companies that had donated to Mr. DeLay's political defense fund not to do so in the future: Verizon, Nissan North America and Texas-based American Airlines, which clearly tried to distance itself from past contributions, noting that the person who made them is no longer with the company.
"The fact that a major corporation that is based in his home state feels like they need to distance themselves from DeLay suggests his support is eroding," said Jennifer Palmieri, a spokeswoman with the fund.
She said the dinner itself "may be a eulogy" rather than a celebration.
"When your friends need to rally around you, it doesn't say you're in a very strong position," she said. "The ACU may be behind him, but what he needs to worry about is crumbling of support within his own caucus." ...MORE

Pearland Journal - May 11, 2005
"Anti-DeLay website spokesman claims Cole's letter is unaltered"
City Councilman Kevin Cole said he didn't want to get into a 'he said, she said' situation over an e-mail he sent last month to an anti-Tom DeLay website, dropthehammer.org, but he appears to have few alternatives to establishing or disputing the credibility of what was supposedly contained in the document sent to the website. ...MORE

Congress Daily - May 10, 2005
"Corporate Donors Targeted in Anti-DeLay Ad Campaign"
The liberal advocacy group Center for American Progress is running two national radio ads for two weeks, targeting corporate donors to PACs controlled by House Majority Leader DeLay. "Big companies like Bacardi and RJ Reynolds have thrown him thousands of dollars in corporate cash to help Tom DeLay keep his grasp on power," one ad states. "It's time to stand up and tell corporate America to make sure our government is clean and accountable. Stand up and tell these companies to 'Drop the Hammer.'"
The ads are part of an ongoing "Drop the Hammer" effort by the group targeting DeLay on alleged ethics violations.
The group also has organized several letter-writing campaigns to corporations that have contributed to DeLay-affiliated PACs, calling on them to halt contributions to the leader. The ad buy is estimated at $10,000, according to a spokesman.

Chicago Tribune - May 8, 2005
"It's the Tom DeLay Show, with Tom DeLay"
When told that a liberal group, the Center for American Progress, was pushing for ethics reform, DeLay was ready. "You really think a leftist group like that will have an effect on someone like me?" ...MORE

NPR's Marketplace - May 5, 2005
"DeLay Fund Controversy"
Three major companies...American Airlines, Nissan North America, and Verizon...say they won't make any more contributions to a legal fund for Majority Leader Tom DeLay. ...MORE | LISTEN TO THE STORY

ABC News' The Note - May 5, 2005
"2 on Ethics Panel Withdraw from DeLay Inquiry"
American Airlines and Verizon, two companies that have contributed to Tom DeLay's legal defense fund in the past, won't be doing so in the future.
The Center for American Progress used its e-mail list and its DropTheHammer Web site to flood these companies with complaints. They responded yesterday: And American Airlines does its best to distance itself from DeLay. ...MORE

Salon.com - May 5, 2005
"Dropping the Hammer"
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's legal defense fund has been drying up of late, due to dwindling contributions from citizens, government leaders and corporations who once rallied around him. No doubt major media coverage of DeLay's various ethics violations has played a part; American Progress Action Fund's "Drop the Hammer" campaign, targeting five of DeLay's corporate supporters, has also helped drain the coffers of his Legal Expense Trust.
Launched last month, the campaign generated more than 200,000 emails to the companies, and on Wednesday the group announced that three of the corporations -- American Airlines, Verizon, and Nissan North America -- have written DeLay off. ...MORE

The Associated Press - May 5, 2005
"Three companies no longer contributing to DeLay legal fund"
Three major companies say they no longer make contributions to a legal fund for Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who has been bombarded for months with allegations of ethical misconduct.
The companies had contributed $15,000 to the Texas Republican since 2000. The companies are American Airlines, Verizon and Nissan North America Inc...
The companies issued the statements this week to American Progress Action Fund, a project of the Center for American Progress, a liberal Washington think tank. American Progress launched a campaign April 6 to stop the contributions from the companies and two others, Bacardi U.S.A. Inc. and RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. ...MORE

The New York Times - May 5, 2005
"2 on Ethics Panel Withdraw from DeLay Inquiry"
Two Republican members of the House ethics committee who contributed to the legal defense fund of Representative Tom DeLay, the majority leader, recused themselves Wednesday from any potential investigation of him as the panel took the first steps that could lead to such an inquiry...
One outside interest group, the American Progress Action Fund, on Wednesday claimed some success in discouraging companies that have donated to Mr. DeLay's legal fund in the past from doing so again. Officials of the organization said that representatives of American Airlines, Verizon and Nissan had provided assurances that they would make no more contributions. ...MORE

The Boston Globe - May 5, 2005
"DeLay downplays effort to tighten lobbying restrictions"
House majority leader Tom DeLay scoffed at a Democratic proposal to tighten lobbying restrictions and reporting requirements yesterday, calling it a politically motivated measure that Republican leaders in Congress won't pursue...
Also yesterday, a liberal advocacy group that has been urging corporations not to donate to DeLay's defense fund revealed that three major companies have said they will no longer contribute to it. John Podesta, president of the American Progress Action Fund, said American Airlines, Verizon, and Nissan had given to the defense fund in the past but have agreed to stop.
DeLay predicted that the American Progress Action Fund's efforts won't change his ability to raise money to defend himself.
"You really think a leftist group like that will have an impact on people that support me and support what I'm trying to accomplish here?" DeLay said. "I don't think so." ...MORE

Fort Worth Star Telegram - May 5, 2005
"Tighter Rules, Amnesty Considered"
A flurry of moves by the party's leaders, some behind the scenes and some before cameras, coincides with rising public scrutiny of the ethical practices of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and other lawmakers. Some Republican lawmakers and aides say privately that they are concerned that a possible voter backlash could hurt the majority party most...
Fort Worth-based American Airlines, Verizon and Nissan North America told the American Progress Action Fund that they would make no further contributions to DeLay's legal defense fund after a consumer complaint campaign from the Web site DropTheHammer.org spurred e-mails and telephone calls to the companies. ...MORE

CNN's Inside Politics - May 4, 2005
Meanwhile, a Democratic advocacy group, the American Progress Action Fund, has launched a campaign to try to get some major corporations to back away from donations they made to the Tom DeLay legal defense fund. So far, three corporations have now issued statements to American Progress saying they plan no donations in the future, including statements from Verizon and American Airlines. ...MORE

Pearland Journal (TX) - May 4, 2005
"Cole defends DeLay, finds self in blogger crosshairs"
City Councilman Kevin Cole has found himself in the middle of an internet wordfight after he sent a pro-Tom DeLay e-mail to the website dropthehammer.org, whose purpose is to get corporate sponsors to stop backing the embattled House Majority leader. ...MORE

National Review - April 21, 2005
"The Anti-DeLay War Room: A liberal think tank takes on a new mission."
The Center for American Progress, the new liberal think tank started by former White House chief of staff John Podesta, is ratcheting up its campaign against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, producing anti-DeLay ads and using the DeLay case in its fundraising appeals.
The Center, which bills itself as a "nonpartisan research and educational institute," has launched a campaign which it calls "Drop the Hammer." On Thursday morning it sent an e-mail to supporters asking them to "help keep the pressure on Tom DeLay."
The "Drop the Hammer" campaign is designed to target corporations which have contributed to DeLay. "Corporate America shouldn't use your consumer dollars to support Tom DeLay's unethical behavior," the e-mail says. The Center has specifically targeted American Airlines, Baccardi, Nissan, RJ Reynolds, and Verizon for their contributions to DeLay's defense. ...MORE

The Dallas Morning News – April 7, 2005
"Campaign targets companies donating to DeLay's legal defense fund"
The latest barrage came Wednesday from the Center for American Progress. The Democratic think tank, founded by Bill Clinton's former chief of staff, John Podesta, launched a campaign to try to embarrass corporations that have helped pay DeLay's legal bills. Its new Web site, dropthehammer.org, spotlights donations from American Airlines, Bacardi USA, Nissan USA, RJ Reynolds, and Verizon, and some the legislation those companies have sought help with over the years.
"Consumers shouldn't have to facilitate Tom DeLay's unethical behavior with their purchases," said Laura Nichols, a vice president of the center. "We demand that these companies ask for their money back and drop their support of Tom DeLay." ......MORE

The Associated Press – April 7, 2005
"House GOP Backs DeLay Amid Ethics Scandals"
House Republicans coupled expressions of concern with a public show of support for Rep. Tom DeLay on Wednesday as the embattled majority leader brushed aside fresh questions about his record. Venting anger over attacks against DeLay and other targets, some members of the GOP rank and file criticized Democrats in unusually sharp terms. One, Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio, was quoted by fellow Republicans at a closed-door meeting as calling the head of the House Democratic campaign committee a snake.... [T]he American Project Action Fund unveiled a Web site, DropTheHammer.org,urging consumers to contact businesses that have donated to DeLay's Legal defense Fund. "Let these corporations know that unless they stop supporting Tom DeLay, you'll stop supporting them," it says. ......MORE

National Public Radio's Marketplace – April 7, 2005
"The Site's Called DroptheHammer.org"
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is suffering the side effects of some serious investigations. He's trying to defend himself from allegations of improper dealings with deep-pocketed lobbying interests. Now, DeLay's enemies are going after his money ... Money contributed by friendly corporations who say they only want to help the Texan pay his legal bills. Marketplace's Scott Tong reports from Washington. ...LISTEN (the story is three minutes and ten seconds into the audio stream)

Talking Points Memo – April 7, 2004
"The headline in the Dallas Morning News tells the tale: "DeLay defense fund donations slow.""
The article notes how John Podesta and the folks at the Center for American Progress have now chosen to rain down still more woe upon the unfortunate and ignoble bug man by starting a campaign to embarrass big corporations out of writing all those checks to cover his legal expenses.
As they should.
It's such a bummer to know that some small sliver of my monthly cell phone bill has to go to the DeLay legal defense fund just because I do business with Verizon.
Yeah, that Verizon.
Head over to DropTheHammer.org to find out more and soften the hammer down into a mallet. ...MORE

CNN's Inside Politics – April 6, 2004
"Inside the Blogs"
And, if you are having a hard time keeping up with all the corruption charges out there, don't worry -- the liberal bloggers want to help you. You can go here, for example, to the DailyDeLay. It has all the stories out there, all the blogs out there, lots of links. Also thinkprogress.org, today. They have been all over the DeLay story. Telling you to drop the hammer. This is focusing on large corporations who have contributed money to the legal defense fund of Tom DeLay.
A handy graphic for you there, if you are still having a time following all the aspects of this story. ...READ IT WATCH IT

Talking Points Memo – April 6, 2004
"Yet another anti-DeLay website: dropthehammer.org"
The more the merrier, we say.
They even have a cool DeLay corruption flow chart! ...MORE